Haras de la Vie


  • Donnatelle (°04-06-2011)
    Diarado x Capitol I

    Her dam is the full sister to Cardento

    Her sister Orlanda is the dam of CARDENTA (1.50m with Norbert Ell)

    In foal by Corfu de la Vie (Cumano x Lord)

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  • Grandesse de la Vie (°24-05-2014)
    Nabab de Reve x Clarence

    Sister of 2 approved stallions: Mont Blanc C en Cobolensky

    Grandmother is Cathleen W (1.55m with Marc Wirths), mother of Berlin (1.60m with Gerco Schröder) but also of the 2 approved stallions Casslin C, Caspar II and Klark Kent C


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  • Jade de la Vie (°09-03-2017)
    Cumano x Cascavelle

    Sister to Lacrimoso HDC (level 1.60m with Patrice Delaveau) and to Charlie du Breuil (level 1.50m with Nathalie Meck)

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  • My Girl III (°13-04-1997)
    La Zarras x Lord

    Mother of Cumthago (level 1.40m)

    Grandmother of Cristar (level 1.50m)

    Her grandmother Perra is the mother of Carthago (level 1.60m), of Cover Girl (level 1.50m), of Cinnamon 3 (level 1.50m) and of the approved stallion Lord Calando.

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  • Nimfe de la Vie (°07-05-2005)
    Numero Uno x Spartan

    She is a daughter of the full sister to Stakkato (1.60m with Eva Bitter)

    She is the sister to Barbie Girl: dam of Messenger (1.55m with Florian Meyer)

    But also to the approved stallions For Hero de Hus, Figaro de la Vie, Bolero de la Vie (1.60m with Wesley Joyce), Casco de la Vie and Scorpio de la Vie.

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  • Olanda (°15-04-1999)
    Oglio xx x Calypso II

    Dam is full sister of Waage (dam of Clinton I (1.50m), Clinton II (1.60m), Clinton III (1.40m), Clintus (1.60m), Hirtin (1.50m)

    In foal by Camiro de Haar

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  • Synfonie II (°15-04-2002)
    Carolus I x Calypso II

    Sister of Clinton I (1.50m with Thomas Voss), Clinton II (1.60m with Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst), Clinton III (1.40m with Merete Røed), Clintus (1.60m with Ludger Beerbaum), Hirtin (1.50m with Paige Sorce and dam of Levisto who jumped 1.60m with Judy-Ann Melchior)

    For 2020 in foal to Uricas (Uriko x Cassini I)


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  • Tuut Tuut (°03-03-2000)
    Heartbreaker x Ramiro

    She is the dam of Consul de la Vie (1.60m with Tony Cadet), of Antigone de la Vie (1.60m with Hendrik Denutte), of Hinde de la Vie (1.60m with Marriet Hoekstra) and of  Cantor de la Vie (1.40m with Marten Dinesen Neergaard)

    She is the sister to Lamiro W (1.60m with Niels von Hirschheydt) and of Dharmeta (1.50m with Andrea Messersi).

    She is also the full sister to Honey; mother of Emmely (1.50m with Kathrin Müller)


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