Haras de la Vie

Sport Horses

  • Gracieuse de la Vie (°16-06-2014)
    Casall x Carolus I

    Her mother Synfonie is the full sister to Clinton I (1.50m with Thomas Voss), Clinton II (1.60m with Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst), Clinton III (1.40m with Merete Røed), Clintus (1.60m with Ludger Beerbaum), Hirtin (1.50m with Paige Sorce and dam of Levisto who jumped 1.60m with Judy-Ann Melchior)

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  • Heros de la Vie (°27-04-2007)
    Orlando x Alexis Z
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  • Nikita de la Vie (°06-05-2015)

    She is the sister to Consul de la Vie (1.50m with Tony Cadet), to Antigone de la Vie (1.60m with Hendrik Denutte) and to Hinde de la Vie (1.60m with Marriet Hoekstra) and to Cantor de la Vie (1.45m).

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  • Silvana de la Vie (°24-05-2011)
    Sandro Boy x Spartan

    She is a daughter of the full sister to Stakkato (1.60m with Eva Bitter)

    She is the sister to Barbie Girl: dam of Messenger (1.55m with Florian Meyer)

    But also to the approved stallions For Hero de Hus, Figaro de la Vie, Bolero de la Vie (1.60m with Wesley Joyce), Casco de la Vie and Scorpio de la Vie.

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