Haras de la Vie


  • Baltic de la Vie (°22-05-2016)
    Baloubet du Rouet x Lord

    He is the brother of Colore (1.60m with Hans-Dieter Dreher), of  Colora (1.60m with Theo Genn) and of Othilda; mother of Casino L (1.60m with Marcin Betkowski)

    His mother is the sister of Lupus 104 (1.50m with Andreas Theurer) and Quantero (1.45m with Christiane Knippling)

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  • Jade de la Vie (°09-03-2017)
    Cumano x Cascavelle

    Sister to Lacrimoso HDC (level 1.60m with Patrice Delaveau) and to Charlie du Breuil (level 1.50m with Nathalie Meck)

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  • Nikita de la Vie (°06-05-2015)

    She is the sister to Consul de la Vie (1.50m with Tony Cadet), to Antigone de la Vie (1.60m with Hendrik Denutte) and to Hinde de la Vie (1.60m with Marriet Hoekstra) and to Cantor de la Vie (1.45m).

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  • Topaze de la Vie (°10-04-2018)
    Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Carolus I
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